Nanosmoke Cube

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All other hookahs becomes history

Nanosmoke time had come

Most popular hookah in Russia.

All over the world people love Nanosmoke (USA, Canada, Europe, Middle Asia).


Intrigue your guests with modern, non ordinary looking, minimalistic design of nanosmoke hookah.

There is no doubt, nanosmoke cube was born to be a part of night live of every city in the world. Due to its flat form that looks like a little box, nanosmoke is very steady. It’s impossible to overturn it.

Nightclubs of our huge planet really apreciated our hookah.

Do you traveling? Do you love to smoke hookah? Nanosmoke horizontal hookah is your best choise! It is the best hookah for traveling. Recommended for the people who loves to enjoy a hookah while a far journey. Our customers send us photos for all over the world including USA, Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Qatar, Japan and many others. Nanosmoke geography count in more than 100 countries.


  • Material: plexiglas, silicone
  • Nanosmoke Cube Bulb Dimentions: 240 x 190 x 65 (mm)
  • Package Dimentions: 270 x 220 x 100 (mm)
  • Gross weight: 1.4 kg


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