Frequently Asking Questions

What nanosmoke is?

Nanosmoke company produce modern looking, portable and easy to use hookahs for people choosing an active lifestyle.

How to pay?

You can pay by PayPal , or other payment system. Please, use chat on WhatsApp for the questions or e-mail.

What materials the hookah is made of?

Box and mouthpiece is made of best in europe acrylic glass. Hose is made of high quality silicone that doesn’t lose its features over time.

Can I order a shipping to my country?

Sure. Thankfully to nanosmoke form and dimentions it is beign the most mobile hookah and easily shipped all over the world. More than 50 countries has really appreciate our nanohookahs already. More information in Shipping and Payment

Is there any discount for shisha nanosmoke?

  • Sure. Just look for news on that site or in our socialites.
  • If you have coupon you can use it while checkout your order.

What the hole for LED is?

Our most popular hookah that is nanosmoke have two bulb variants.

  1. Rectangular bulb with flat bottom. In this case you can put lighting on top of hookah bulb or by side if you you like it more.
  2. Rectangular bulb with flat bottom and an especial notch. In that notch you can place LED lighting. From aesthetic point of view that variant more desirable.

Can I get a discount if I make a wholesale order?

Yes. Discount size is discussed individually. Minimum wholesale order is 5 hookahs.

Which tobacco I can use with shisha nanosmoke?

Anyone is suitable. For tobacco types that requires overhigh temp we recommend to use bowls made of clay or other solid materials.

Where I can see reviews about shisha nanosmoke?

To see what our customers think about our hookahs go to Reviews page. Also don’t forget visit our Gallery where we carefully collect many photos of nanosmoke for you.