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Nanosmoke Tube

Elegant vertical hookah

Nanosmoke Tube

Nanosmoke Luxe

Solid and ergonomic

Nanosmoke Luxe

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Hookah Nanosmoke UFO

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Nanosmoke UFO

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Why nanosmoke hookahs?

Firstly – nanosmoke / nanohookah new generation of hookah.
It was never been before, that’s hookahs to be so mobility.
Easy use for travel, better decision for the lounge zone.

We get a lot of pictures and reviews from around the world. Thanks a lot for this!

Nanosmoke company since 2012 made a first prototype of horizontal hookah in Russia by SPBGU students.
Big presentations of hookahs product starts since 2015 in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The first sale of nano hookahs on the Internet began in 2015 and has quickly gained worldwide the popularity.
Thank you for ours customers from USA, Canada, UK, EU countries, Asia, Middle Asia, Africa (Cameroon, Egypt, Mozambique) and others interesting places of the world.

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